3D Model for RF Planning

3D Model for RF Planning

3D MODELS are extra-accurate high-resolution databases for 3G/4G/LTE networks planning in densely built-up areas.

Datasets in 3D Models include accurate Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and above-ground features such as buildings, vegetation and engineering constructions.

3D Models are the most accurate data which allows to enhance the accuracy and automation of network planning by taking into account all obstacles, possible effects and objects of urban environment, and thus providing a valuable advantage for planning of RF networks. High-accurate 3D data allows to address most of the in-building problems using small cells, avoiding slow-to-deploy processes and enabling cost saving within stages of network rollout, improvements and network management.

3D Models Data Set:

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Clutter/Land Use Model (over 20 classes)
  • 3D Obstacles Heights Model
    • Buildings
    • Vegetation
    • Engineering Constructions
  • Vector Model (9 classes)
  • Text Labels (names of settlements, rivers, railways, etc.)
  • Orthoimage

Additional layers may be included as well:

  • Population Distribution Data
  • Addresses
  • Points of Interest (POI)

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